Dining options in the Carnegie area is fast developing with many new restaurants opening or new opened in the area. One of these recent editions to the scene is Shyun Ramen Bar, a ramen bar restaurant extension to the Shyun Group. Both Shyun and Shyun Ramen Bar are located on Koornang Rd, but a mere 5 mins walking distance from each other. While Shyun provides you with their seasonal selection of fresh sashimi, rice and noodle dishses, Shyun Ramen Bar focuses on the popular ramen noodle soup.

As you enter the restaurant, the first thing you will notice is how small and cosy the the space is.

It’s small and quaint but busy during peak hours. If you don’t have your whole dining group with you, you won’t be able to grab yourself a table until the whole party is present. It’s an unfortunate rule, but understandable considering how busy it gets.

Funnily enough Le Boy and I did not end up ordering ramen even though we  were dining in a ramen restaurant.

Tempura udon $11.80
Tempura prawn and vegetable fritter with half a soft boiled egg in fish broth

The udon noodle really hit the spot and the vegetable fritter was nice and crisp as well as the prawns (they were clean too). The clear fish broth wasn’t too heavy which was just what we were looking for.

Takoyaki (8pcs) $6.90

The takoyaki they have there is also pretty good but not the best I’ve had. Ironically the best takoyaki I’ve had was actually during my travels in Vietnam. Well how about that? I know right?

Anyhow, to say that we didn’t try any ramen while we were here is not entirely true. Our fellow dining companions did order a bowl of ramen to share between them and we did have a little taste test. I don’t recall which bowl of ramen they ordered exactly but I do remember it being incredibly sweet, milky and creamy. It was quite rich, so not exactly the type of broth I’m a fan off Great to have in small quantities, but a whole of bowl of that on your own can either satisfy your ramen cravings for a while or put you off ramen entirely.

Having said that, I’m not quite ready to strike Shyun Ramen Bar off my list of places to have ramen. After all, they have their seasonal ramen or monthly specials to look forward to.

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