Part two of our little Sunday post Run for the Kids exploration was a stop by Woodfrog Bakery’s little side stall alongside St Kilda Rd near the Victorian Arts Centre. Little did I know that Sunday was actually market day along this public walking strip and there were many other little stalls selling all sorts of baked treats, trinkets, souvenirs, hand made soaps and items to old school vinyls. One look at this bakery stall though and I was sold. The thing that stopped me in my tracks was the pumpkin bread, and apparently it did the same to my friend.

2014-04-13 Woodfrog Bakery (1)

2014-04-13 Woodfrog Bakery (3)

The next thing I noticed, was how mouth watering their hot cross buns were. The lady at the stall told me that they were Melbourne’s second best hot cross buns (first being Tivoli Road Bakery). My friend and I were both intrigued and bought one each to try. My goodness were they delicious. The hot cross buns were both just right sweetness, you can taste the citrus as you inhale its aroma. Just the right balance of sultanas and raisins with some orange rind and a soft sweet bun that was oh so delectable, I ended up buying four more to take home just so my family could join in on its scrumptiousness.

2014-04-13 Woodfrog Bakery (4)

These pumpkin loaves were quite tough and had a very doughy texture to them. They tasted great when I tried them at home later, but it was overall a bit difficult to eat due to the very tough crust. Toasting it helped a bit, but it’s definitely not for those who want something easy to chew and eat.

2014-04-13 Woodfrog Bakery (5a)

And a closer look at the hot cross bun. Just look at that. It makes me wish it was Easter all over again, so I would be able to taste these beauties again.

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