Often or not when I take a friend out on a foodie adventure I always make sure that we don’t overdo it with the food so that there is always room comfortable enough for some dessert. The last time this happened when we frequented Le Petite Gateau, both my friend and I suffered a sugar high. This time, I thought I’d tone it down with something nice and simple, waffles. And where else should we go except to the best waffles in Melbourne that won’t cost you as much as a meal? Waffle On of course! Just hidden by the stairs to an underground walkway that leads to Flinders St Waffle On provides its patrons with crispy light waffles with all your classic favourites to choose from. If you’re not in the mood for something sweet then Waffle On also serves baguettes to take away as well.

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┬áSeating is limited, but that’s okay because it’s not a crime to stand and eat if by any chance the two seats are taken. The people there speak French to one another and are super friendly and will happily chat to you while you are sort of standing that somewhat awkwardly waiting for your order. Waiting time just seemingly passes by when you are kept occupied.

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You can see the full waffle menu here. For the full menu board, just check out the chalkboard behind the counter

2014-06-25 Waffle On (4)Canadienne $7.00

I like to have my pancakes and crepes served up with honey and vanilla ice cream or in this case maple syrup. So it was not surprise (to me) that I was going to instantly gravitate towards the Canadienne. A plain waffle served up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle with maple syrup was just perfect. I think the guy overdid it a bit with the maple syrup but better to have a little more than not enough right?

2014-06-25 Waffle On (5a)Mikado $7.00

My friend opted for the mikado which was a plain waffle served with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate sauce like ganache. He preferred the chocolate to the maple syrup which was deemed too sweet for his liking. To each their own.

2014-06-25 Waffle On (2)

Waffle On definitely warrants a second stop, or third…or fourth. Next time though, I’d want to try the Royale which is served with strawberries. This place has been on my wish list for long enough and I glad that I was finally able to go there. If you haven’t already and waffles are your thing, go there now. And as for those who don’t need to go because you have a waffle maker at home…I hate you.

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