Clayton has its fair share of Korean restaurants just like Carnegie and the Melbourne CBD. But if you’re looking for a quick Korean fix and just happen to live in Springvale like I do, then Clayton is usually your one stop shop. Located among a handful of other Korean restaurants nearby just around the corner block diagonally opposite to Clayton station, Korchi does well for itself by offering its customers both Chinese and Korean foods.

2013-12-07 Korchi (3)Bibimbap (vegetarian) mixed vegetables with an egg and short grain rice $14.00

I ordered the vegetarian version, so there was no beef which I think was replaced by an egg. I don’t know whether you get an egg with the original bibimbap. The bibimbap looked pretty ordinary. The spinach and bean sprouts were nice, but I was a bit disappointed by the lack of creativity with the lettuce and carrot. If I were to rank Korchi’s bibimbap, it would sit just below the 50% mark compared to ones I’ve already tried in terms of overall taste.

2013-12-07 Korchi (5)Lamen Dukbokies (Korean rice cake with vegetables, fish cake and lamen noodles in chilli sauce) $13.00

I mistakenly thought it was called lamb dukbokies and was looking for it the entire time, to discover that it wasn’t the case. Whooops…! It was still nice though, without the lamb.

2013-12-07 Korchi (6b)Ye Yuk Dupbab Pork marinated in sweet spicy sauce with mixed vegetables served with rice and miso soup $15.00

The pork tasted alright. I was more impressed that the dish came with rice and miso soup since its difficult to know whether dishes are à la carte at some Korean restaurant sometimes.

2013-12-07 Korchi (8)

I actually really enjoyed the selection of side dishes provided at Korchi. It had been a while since side dishes were plenty and varied. Korean restaurants at Clayton usually do well when it comes to the side dishes, however the ones in the CBD can vary as they either offer little variety, or a a bit skimpy when it comes to variety or even quantity.

Overall Korchi is a nice place to check out, and I may possibly even come back again one day to give their more Chinese inspired dishes a try.

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