Carousel cafe

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Carousel cafe

Today I have a big day. I have two Christmas work functions, one at lunch and the other for dinner. I had to prepare myself for a long day of merry making and eating to my heart’s content. I spent the morning at the Hairdresser to get my hair trimmed and done, because I’m just terrible with styling my own hair. After that it was time to get ready for the first Christmas party at the Carousel Cafe, Albert Park.

We dined here last year as well, so I was expecting a similar line up of food. We were served up a wide array of food. First up was bruschetta served up with tomato and proscuitto. It was a while before the mains were served, so I ended up filling up on seeded bread which was delicious. When the main dishes finally came there were skinny french fries, chicken roulade with sweet potato or was it pumpkin mash, salad, barramundi (which was absolutely beautifully cooked). I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures because I was too busy eating, but it was a merry occasion. To finish it all off we were able to order some cakes. I had the banana coconut which was devilishly rich and very moist. The staff were extremely friendly and sociable. It may have been due to the fact that we have been coming here for the past few years, but the owners were very accommodating.

2012-12-07 Carousel (1) 2012-12-07 Carousel coconut banana cakeBanana coconut cake with cream.

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