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I was looking for a nice place to eat on Easter Monday  a while back after a casual tennis session with some mates and found that Aura was not that far from the tennis courts. We also had some dogs with us so it was quite important to find a venue that had outdoor seating as well. When we arrived, it didn’t look busy at all but once we took a step inside, the place was bustling with people. For a public holiday, Aura was attracting its fair share of customers despite there being Red Rooster and Mac Donalds next to it. When inside, the staff who attended us were friendly, accommodating and very patient even though we ended up relocating to dining outside because my friend’s dogs couldn’t be left alone in the car.2013-04-01 Aura Cafe (5)My friend ordered some honeydew tea when we were still inside the dining area.

We each ordered our own meals and when they arrived each dish looked delicious. I was starving at this point so I ordered the Big Breakfast with scrambled eggs and extra avocado (which was served on  a separate plate) and tomato relish $21.50 (below). Initially I thought the sausage would be large, and the everything to be in gastronomical proportions, but found myself pleasantly surprised at the just right portions sizes for each component of the breakfast meal. The bread was toasted nicely, a little too hard on it’s own, but with the scrambled eggs on top it softened up a bit. Looking at the picture makes me want to order it again. I’m not a fan of bacon so next time I might ask them to exclude it.

2013-04-01 Aura Cafe (13)

My friend next to me ordered the Poached special with extra bacon and toast $18.90 (below) which looked just as amazing. He found the flavours interesting enjoyed it quite a lot.

2013-04-01 Aura Cafe (6, 9, 14)

(Above, bottom left) we have the warm chicken salad with added salmon $20.40 and the warm chicken salad on it own $16.90 (below). I tried some of my friend’s warm chicken salad and it was really nice. There was a good balance of proteins, generous servings of salad vegetables and a very nice dressing which wasn’t too heavy or overpowered the dish. The chicken was not crumbed or over cooked which was nice to see. Well marinated and pan fried I believe. Also another dish worth coming back for sans the salmon of course. I’m not much of a fan of salmon. 2013-04-01 Aura Cafe (15)After finishing our meals, we all sat around in the windy weather. One thing that did freak my out a little was that there was an unusually high number of wasps floating around as we were dining. None of us had any idea where they were coming from.2013-04-01 Aura Cafe (16)A little sweet pastry to satisfy my sweet tooth before we left. There was another one that I wanted to try but it was recommended to be served warm with ice cream and we didn’t have time for this. Initially I was expecting it sandwich parts to be a choux pastry and was slightly disappointed that it was a sponge cake. The custard centre however was very nice.

During the late lunch session, service was not rushed at all and even though we were cutting it close to their closing time (3pm) by the time we finished eating, they made no comment about it. Even just before I left I asked them about desserts and lady was very patient to explain to me what they had available and how best to have it served. I was very impressed by the service and would definitely come back if I was ever in the area again.

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