Mister Close

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Mister Close

I love myself a breakfast date. There are so many quirky and busy cafes in Melbourne that it’d be crime for anyone to visit Melbourne and not explore our hidden alleyways and lanes. I recently became good friends with someone at work. I was really surprised with the things we had in common. Also it was a bonus that she also liked breakfast dates as much as I did.

I found this Mister Close on Urbanspoon and the reviews for the cafe looked promising, but of course you’ll never really know unless your experience for yourself first hand. I got a bit lost trying to find my way to the cafe, because the cafe was located on Bourke St in the Midtown plaza, but the entrance to the front is actually on Swanston St near the Bourke St and Swanston St intersection. There’s a little chalkboard outside the plaza on the footpath directing us to the cafe. The cafe is located in a shopping plaza. They have their own private seating area and some chairs and tables along the plaza walkway.

2013-04-09 Mister CLose (2)

At 10:30am, the place was fairly busy with people ordering coffees to go, while some other people were holding their meetings in the dining area or doing some work. The low lighting and basic table settings was innovative and the scene inviting. They had these little mason jars filled with small daisy flowers placed on the round tables which I thought were absolutely adorable. The waitress was friendly and attentive. She found us to a little spot in the corner to eat our breakfast because we both prefer to eat in quiet little corners.

2013-04-09 Mister CLose (6&9)Thankfully there was not an endless list of selections on their menu, because I have difficulty deciding on what to eat when given the choice I’d want to eat everything. I was stuck between a bircher muesli and corn and chive waffles with honey roasted ham, scrambled eggs and avocado mayonnaise $17.00 (below). I try to keep in mind that I should always try something that I would not normally have at home, so that ruled bircher muesli and any granola they had on the menu.

2013-04-09 Mister CLose (10)

We ordered the West African hot chocolate (above) which wasn’t too sweet and had a nice chocolatey aroma. It wasn’t overly sweet, too thick or rich is how I prefer my drinks. A nice tinge of bitterness after taking a sip took over. And that’s as far as my ‘expert’ opinion goes for chocolate drinks. It was really nice. I also ended up with the savoury waffles and they were quite amazing. When they first served us our breakfast, I noticed how small the waffles looked and was a little worried if there wasn’t enough food. It didn’t take long before I realised the food is quite filling. It’s heavy in carbohydrates and high in protein. In fact I wasn’t hungry at all for the rest of the day despite walking around the city afterwards.

2013-04-09 Mister CLose (12)Corn and chive waffles served with scrambled eggs, honey roasted ham and avocado mayo.

I’ve noticed quite recently that certain ‘hipster’ and  ‘earthy’ cafes are using wooden boards more often as a serving plate. I don’t mind it at all, and find it quite fun to eat off of. The last time I had food served on a board was at Hardware Societe.

2013-04-09 Mister CLose (15)

I’ve been getting encouraged by friends to have a picture of myself eating the food on my blog so I let them take a picture of me. However I’m actually quite camera shy so I just tend to look awkward in them.

2013-04-09 Mister CLose (4, 16-18)

These were the small daisies they had placed around the cafe on the tables and kitchen benches. I would definitely come back to Mister Close to try some of their other delicious foods on the menu.

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