Teppankai lunch

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Teppankai lunch

I discovered Teppankai by chance when I was searching on the groupon site for food vouchers. What drew me to this restaurant the most is their somewhat unique menu. They didn’t have your typical curry, katsu don, udon or ramen dishes. The entire menu was focused on the sashimi, maki rolls, tempura and teppanyaki options. There were a lot of things in the menu that I’ve never tried before or even fathom to ever try. Just one look at their contemporary sushi menu and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Spicy fish tempura rolls any one?

2013-09-06 Teppankai (3-5)The establish is fairly new, so the interior looks amazing. It’s sleek, simple and yet has a sophisticated air about it. I love the piece of art work along the length of the wall here.

Teppankai actually has a separate menu for the lunch and dinner sessions, but I didn’t know this. The staff were very accommodating when I told them that I wanted the spicy fish tempura roll $16 (below) because it wasn’t on the lunch menu, and only available at dinner time.. After seeing how disappointed I was for not being able to find what I wanted to order, my waitress went to speak to someone (I’m assuming it was the owner/manager) to see what they could do for me. She came out with good news that they will cook the spicy fish tempura rolls for me and that made me really happy.

2013-09-06 Teppankai (12)

What can I say, I was not disappointed one bit. The staff were quite friendly and extremely accommodating when it came to ordering something that was not on the menu and this exceeded my expectations. When the meal was served, what we were served was explained to us.

2013-09-06 Teppankai (13)This close up is making me crave for the spicy fish tempura rolls again.
 2013-09-06 Teppankai (14)More food porn. The spicy fish tempura rolls were heavenly, both my friend and I just had a blissful moment of silence for the amazing taste, texture and flavours that was exploding in our mouths when we took a bite full.
2013-09-06 Teppankai (9&11)

To accompany my somewhat heavy meal, I decided to opt for a vegetable entree. I was really interested in trying out their vegetable okonomiyaki $10 (below) which was served with Japanese mayonnaise, tonkatsu sauce, dried seaweed and bonito flakes. Although the okonomiyaki was also very nice it didn’t hit the same spot like the spicy fish tempura rolls. Okonomiyaki is a like a pizza to me, it must be made a certain way for it to really blow my mind. So most of the time, I prefer to make it myself. What did impress me was that the okonomiyaki was cooked outside in the dining area on the teppanyaki grill where we could see the chef work his magic.

2013-09-06 Teppankai (18)

My friend ordered the sashimi lunch set $15 (below) which comes with miso soup, potato salad and bowl of rice. She reckons that Shyun provides better value for money, but was impressed with the wasabi.

2013-09-06 Teppankai (15)

2013-09-06 Teppankai (7)

At this stage we were both quite comfortably satiated and were about to make our way to the counter, when the waitress asked us if we were interested in having dessert. It couldn’t hurt look right? Wrong! Completely wrong! One quick look and next thing you know, I’ve already ordered two desserts.

2013-09-06 Teppankai (21&23)

The black sesame tiramisu $15 (above) caught my eye first. I a sucker for anything that is black sesame, red bean, green tea, pandan, lychee or durian flavoured. I was just a bit disappointed that the tiramisu was served in an opaque cup. I would like to have seen the different layers in the tiramisu. The ground black sesame seeds on top gave the dessert a nice aroma, once you took a spoon. The black sesame flavour was quite subtle and the sweetness not sickly so. It was just right. All it was missing was a bit more liquid in the sponge part ( I suggest using sake).

2013-09-06 Teppankai (22, 24&25)

The green tea creme brulee $15 (above) was really nice as well. It wasn’t too sweet. Again the subtle bitterness of the matcha green tea flavour came though quite balanced. The burnt sugar layer on top was not too thick and hard and what else could I say except that it was really nice.

All I can say right now, is that this place has amazing food. I will definitely come back, because there are just so many other things to try, especially for a dinner session instead. I’ve already purchased their special 13-course Teppanayaki dining experience on Groupon and can’t wait to try that out next Friday (yes that’s right). So stay tuned and hopefully the post for that review will be up shortly.

Oh and… definitely a place to eat.

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