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Wonderbao brings back to life the joy of eating a slightly of the sweetened steamed Chinese buns often with a delicious filling inside. Growing having eaten too many of these when I was younger, I was quite critical to how Wonderbao would fare against my mum’s homemade bao. Years later and many horrible traumatic experiences with bao that was more bun than filling, I vowed never to really another again until I saw the craze that was Wonderbao.

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This small hidden establishment is hidden very well from the main streets. I  had to circle around the shops a couple of times before taking a random turn before finding myself at the steamed bun joint. What they have on offer are limited but just enough to make it worth while. Classic flavours included braised pork belly and roast pork belly gua bao.

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I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry so I ordered the roast pork belly gua bao (open steamed bun). My first reaction when the guy served me my bao was how small it was. It was particularly small, just the size of my open palm and for $4.20 the price tag for this snack sized morsel was a bit steep. The bun itself was not too sweet but incredibly soft and warm. Wonderbao certainly delivers on freshness. The roasted pork belly was also soft and delicious, the pickled carrots added a nice zing to it while the cucumber toned down the flavours a bit. In terms of yumminess I give it a A+. I must say if I had not just eaten breakfast I would have tried more.

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Overall, these steamed buns are definitely worth trying if you’ve never had them before. Perfect for snacking, or lunch (if you buy lots more) and a great to have on a chilly day.

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