I’m always on the search for little Japanese gift shops and merchandise stores around Melbourne. I  happened to stumble across MEEQ when I was exploring the new area around my university campus.  This lovely little shop sells a whole range of cute items from stationery, toys, trinkets, cutlery, kitchenware and decorations for the home. I used to go into these shops all the time back when I was in high school and this little shop just brought back memories. Lets take a step inside and have a look around the store.

2013-02-28 MEEQ (11)

2013-02-28 MEEQ (2)

I was drawn to the tree centre piece they had on display near the doorway. There were paper cranes hanging all over the tree. It was really pretty the way they used origami for decoration.    2013-02-28 MEEQ (5)2013-02-28 MEEQ (3&4)

2013-02-28 MEEQ (6) 2013-02-28 MEEQ (7) 2013-02-28 MEEQ (8&9)

Some panda merchandise. To be honest some of the prices for these gifts/items were a little pricey in my opinion, but that’s how it goes for things from Japan or when it comes to little gifts in general. But considering it’s intricate designs, stitching and size (i.e. fairly small) I’m not that surprised. Down below we have some Rilakkuma plush bears.

2013-02-28 MEEQ (10)  2013-02-28 MEEQ (12)

Now this section completely got my attention. I was immediately looking at bento boxes, hoping to find one that I might be able to buy if it’s really cute. Some very interesting and cute frypans were available at the store as well. The advertising suggested frying eggs in them, or I suppose you can use them for pancakes as well. 2013-02-28 MEEQ (13&14)Some bento boxes and cute dining sets for the little ones I’m assuming. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if some not so little people were interested in having this in their dining and cutlery collection either.

2013-02-28 MEEQ (1) - Copy

MEEQ is located at:

868/860-874 Dandenong Rd

Caulfied East, VIC 3145

Ph: 9043 9458

Trading Hours

11.00-19.00 Mon-Fri

11.00-17.00 Sat-Sun

Facebook Page

Home Page


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