ANZAC day (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps Day) marks the anniversary for the Australian and New Zealand soldiers that fought during the First World War. ANZACs were deployed to aid the British forces to claim the Gallipoli peninsula but unfortunately the allied forces were outnumbered by the enemy and when met with heavy resistance, crumbled in the chaos. The British forces withdrew their support from the failing mission after forces were ordered to evacuate the site. Some documentaries argue that from a tactical standpoint that the ANZACs were sent to their graveyards in an impossible mission with limited allied support.Whatever it was that truly happened at Gallipoli, ANZAC day is recognised in Australia as a national holiday to commemorate the sacrifice of our men during World War I.

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The history of ANZAC cookies stem from the type of biscuits that were given to the soldiers on the battlefield. A type of biscuit that would not spoil easily but was also tasty. You will notice from the recipe that no eggs are used and in most recipes you can find online. There is also a lot of sugar because sugar is used as a preservative. You can read some more interesting facts about the history of ANZAC cookies from

Personally ANZAC cookies are one of my all time favourites. From it’s slightly crisp to chewy texture, the combination of oats, coconut and golden syrup or honey is a match made in cookie heaven. In this recipe I have reduced the amount of sugar used in the original one which can be found from website. I have experimented with replacing white flour with wholemeal flour, which works quite well and the substitution of oat flour to make it gluten free as well.

ANZAC Cookies

Recipe taken from here.

Difficulty: Very easy   Makes: 24 x 7cm round (or roughly 3″) cookies.


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  • 1 cup plain flour (or wholemeal flour) – I used self raising flour for this batch they still turned out fine.
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup dessicated coconut
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar (original recipe calls for 3/4 cup, but I found it too sweet for my liking)
  • 125g butter, chopped
  • 2 heaped tbs golden syrup (or honey)
  • 1 tsp bicarb soda (not baking powder)



1. Preheat oven to 180C. Sift flour and sugar into a bowl. Add oats and coconut.

2. Melt butter and honey in a small saucepan until it begins to bubble and turn into a golden colour

2013-04-25 ANZAC Cookies (3,4)

3. Remove from heat then add the tsp of bicarb soda, stir evenly.

4. Pour the wet mix into the dry and mix evenly.

5. Roll and divide mixture into 24 little balls and space them evenly on a pre-lined baking tray (with parchment paper) or cookie tray.

2013-04-25 ANZAC Cookies (10-13)

6. Bake for 10-12 mins swapping halfway until golden.

Do not worry if they appear ‘too soft’ when you first take them out or undercooked because if they appear uncooked when you take them out, you will end up with soft and chew cookies. Bake them for a longer until it just begins to brown then a crispier edge is the result. I used the conventional oven setting for mine.

2013-04-25 ANZAC Cookies (23)


  • Add extra flour if the batter feels too loose or sticky. E.g. you spooned too much golden syrup/honey

  • Using wholemeal flour instead still tastes fantastic – the texture is slightly more rustic (because of the wholemeal) but the shape still holds.

  • Using self-raising flour will add more raise too the cookies so here I actually used 3/4 of a tsp of bicarb soda, though using the full tsp will not really make a noticeable difference anyway.

  • Using oat flour but you will get a completely different texture and appearance. They will end up deflated, very soft and chewy. The batter will feel like it’s falling apart and you will literally need to squeeze the cookie dough into tight balls then flatten them out when placing them on the tray. They will not hold the way the cookies do when you use flour, because there is no gluten or binding agent when using oat flour.

2013-04-23 ANZAC Cookies (2)

I think this image (above) is quite self explanatory. You can probably guess for yourself which ones are made from oat flour and which are from wholemeal flour.

2013-04-25 ANZAC Cookies (21)

2013-04-25 ANZAC Cookies (22)

These cookies are fairly easy to make and don’t take long in the oven at all. So if you’re ever craving for cookies, don’t buy them! Make them at home yourself to experience the chew goodness that only exists in cookie heaven. Have fun!


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